All about the D21 exercise program for women only


It will certainly not take twenty one minutes to explain. What this article will do is provide you with the briefest of introductions to the D21 exercise program in the shortest possible time. Then readers can investigate this innovative schedule further in their own time. Men can look away for now, because this exercise program has been specifically designed for women only. It is billed as an exclusive slimming program for sedentary women who don’t have enough time in the day, or space, to train.

That’s because each workout only takes twenty one minutes to get through. Only three sessions per week are required. And this short-term exercise program lasts a mere three months. Try that out for size. It was created by a physiotherapist. So, at least women know that this innovative exercise regime is the brainchild of a qualified expert. It is already well known and famously being used by celebrities. It has been recommended for women’s use by fitness celebrities across the world.

While you can take your cue from the magical number of twenty one, the original intention was not to brand it along the lines of the hour-glass figure of a twenty one year old girl. Because let’s face it, there are many young women of that age across the world who are nowhere near as close to that beautiful slim figure. Many women around the world, young and old are obese and inactive. The main design behind the program’s name, as mentioned above, is that the routine lasts only twenty one minutes.

Apart from losing excess weight and fat, the program is designed to help women boost their metabolic fitness levels to the degrees that will declare them to be supremely healthy and fit.